Nikon D2H Firmware Update

Nikon D2H Firmware Update for Windows and Mac OS download

Nikon D2H Firmware Update – The Nikon D2H is a direct successor to the D1H that was announced on February 2001 (along with D1x) and reviewed by us in September that year. D1H builds on the power of D1 and adds some new features including selectable color spaces, one-button playback, new LCD monitors and more.

Nikon D2H Firmware Update

But the biggest news about D1H is the concept that it is a camera aimed specifically at sports journalists and photographs that require a high frame rate and a large buffer.


Nikon D2H Overview

Nikon D2H created a breakthrough in several fields, introducing LBCAST sensor technology developed internally by Nikon, allowing a dramatic increase in shooting speed while at the same time dramatically lowering Image noise in low-light conditions. While packed with new features and upgraded specs, the new camera continues to have the same superlative “exhibit ” (The Nikon term favorite, describing how the device functions as a camera) of the previous model, but It only bears a passing resemblance to its predecessor most of the necessary controls are in the same place as before, but almost every feature design has been improved, outside and inside.

D2H has support for FTP built into its firmware, and there is a settings page that allows you to specify the FTP server, user name, password and folder to be used for uploading as well as the format of the image to be uploaded. For example, you can shoot RAW + JPEG and send a JPEG through WT-1. The image is written to a CF card first and then transmitted, in the camera Play mode indicates the copy being sent, which has been submitted and the image being sent.

Nikon D2H Design

While the camera body may look very similar, D2H has several enhancements and new features compared to the previous D1H model. For starters, D2H has a slightly different control layout, and some new buttons to handle menu options before. Internally, D2H offers an LBCAST 4.1-megapixel JFET image sensor for higher resolution images and enhanced long exposure image noise.

It also has a much more sophisticated white balance system, with an ambient-light color sensor and the ability to store as many as five manual presets, larger LCDs for better viewing, Voice Memo mode, and new Anti-Dust options, among a few changes.

Measuring 158 x 150 x 86 MM, the physical dimensions of D2H are practically identical to the D1, D1X and D1H models. Weighing two kilograms, 12.4 ounces (1,259 grams) substantial and excluding lenses and flash units, but including batteries and memory cards, D2H is a definite handful, but still falls in the middle of the range for a pro digital SLR.

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Nikon D2H Firmware Update Install

Nikon D2H Firmware Update for Windows

Name Firmware Version Download
Nikon D2H Firmware A” ver 2.02
 Instructions for the firmware update

Nikon D2H Firmware Update for Mac

Name Firmware Version Download
Nikon D2H Firmware A” ver 2.02
 Instructions for the firmware update

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