Nikon D3S Firmware Update | setup user & manual

Nikon D3S Firmware Update for Windows and Mac OS download

Nikon D3S Firmware Update | setup user & manual – Nikon strives to build a foundation laid out by the uncontrollable success of D3. Enter D3S. Ergonomically, very few have changed. D3S and its predecessors are hard to distinguish at a glance, but D3S does offer some significant improvements, not only the new 720x1280p video capture mode, and some small changes designed to create a new camera More competitive.

Nikon D3s Firmware Update

These include a new ‘silent’ shutter release mode, a choice of four image area formats, and dust reduction in the camera, including DX, and a new 1.2 x crop option. D3S offers the same resolution as D3, at 12 million pixels, but the redesigned sensors can reach new heights of ISO performance, providing a ‘ genuine ‘ range of ISO 200-12,800, expandable to ISO 102,400.

Nikon D3S Overview

One area where people would expect to have no complaints whatsoever at D3 was the construction of the camera. With a magnesium-alloy camera frame and a fully sealed weather body, the Nikon D3s is designed to be abused. Like many other pros, I rely heavily on these features, whether I photograph landscapes in icy, hot, humid or dusty conditions, or photograph wildlife in rain and snow. The Nikon D700 I experienced a lot of beatings, but D3 I took more. And I hope it will live for many more years to come.

D3 is incredible, except for two problems. The first is a substantial and significant weight. As I’ve already shown, Lola doesn’t like D3 for this reason alone. Weighing more than 1.2 kilograms without battery, the camera is cumbersome, about 20% heavier than the D700. While 20% may not sound much, once you’ve added a pro and flash lens, it all adds up.

The difference is even more significant with the battery because the EN-EL4a is twice the size and weight of the EN-EL3e. In terms of size, the Nikon D3s is also much higher than the D700 and nearly about D700 with its battery.

Autofocus, The Nikon D3S maintains the same phase autofocus sensor-Multi-CAM 3500FX detection as seen in D3, which offers 51 focal points, 15 of which are cross-type. The Nikon D3S includes AF tracking capabilities and enables individual lens tuning to correct front or rear focus problems. Lighting modes include Program, shutter and shutter priority, and Manual.

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Nikon D3S Firmware Update Install

Nikon D3S Firmware Update for Windows

Name Firmware Version Download
Nikon D3S A 1.03” and “B 1.02″
 Instructions for the firmware update

Nikon D3S Firmware Update for Mac

Name Firmware Version Download
Nikon D3S Firmware A 1.03” and “B 1.02″
 Instructions for the firmware update

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