Nikon D7100 Firmware Update

Nikon D7100 Firmware Update for Windows and Mac OS download

Nikon D7100 Firmware Update -Nikon D7100 targeted enthusiast of the APS-C DSLR becomes the latest company to display the 24MP sensor, model D3200 and join the D5200 announced in 2012.

Nikon D7100 Firmware Update

D7100 faces a pretty big task. In our in-depth review, we found the predecessor to combine excellent picture quality, performance class-leading noise, and exceptional handling on bodywork built with sturdy.

Nikon D7100 Overview

The D7100 supports Wi-Fi unit WU-1a courtesy of Nikon, which is connected to terminal accessories the camera and allows the pictures to be sent wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet to uploaded to social networking. This device also allows remote control of the camera from your smartphone, complete with live view, which can be a fun way to organize a self-portrait or group photo.

In a seemingly small improvement, but efficient than D7000, D7100 inherited the program Auto ISO is adequately implemented the first time we see on the D800, and then on the D5200. This allows the camera to set the minimum shutter speed automatically based on the focal length of the lens being used, with a choice of five user-controlled settings are biased toward a faster pace or slower.

Nikon D7100 Image Processor?

The film can now be recorded in the high-resolution format up to 60 frames per second, whereas the D7000 is limited to 24 frames per second. Keep in mind that the resolution has been increased from 16 to 24 MP MP, so Nikon D7100 now push more data through comparison with its predecessor.

Nikon D7100, on the other hand, has no filter at all. Because such a high-resolution sensor, anti-aliasing filter effects will increase the amount of blur in the picture besides many DX lenses that do not have the power to handle the settlement of so many pixels. Remember that the more the resolution giving more pressure on the lens, so if you want to see the best pixel-level sharpness, you should use a good glass rather than the standard kit lens it.

Nikon Software and Firmware

Nikon D7100 Autofocus Performance?

The decision to use the Nikon autofocus system professional 51 points on D7100 confuses many photographers, including myself. Autofocus system Multi-CAM 3500DX is also not the same as that used on the D300 camera-this is the latest version which is called “Advanced Multi-CAM 3500DX “, with the ability to handle auto-focus at f/8.

Nikon autofocus module FX version uses at professional cameras such as the Nikon D800/D4 and D800E. This is a great improvement on the 39-point AF system that anyone found on the Nikon D7000. Not just because of the stronger/faster and more accurately, but also because of the 51 points it spread across the frame, simplifies the process of preparing the images.

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Nikon D7100 Firmware Update Install


Nikon D7100 Firmware Update for Windows

Name Firmware Version Download
D7100 Firmware 1.04
 Instructions for the firmware update

Nikon D7100 Firmware Update for Mac

Name Firmware Version Download
D7100 Firmware 1.04
 Instructions for the firmware update
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