Nikon DF Firmware Update

Nikon Df 16.2 Megapixel CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera

Nikon DF Firmware Update – The Nikon Df is, at its first appearance, a camera that has been widely demanded by people over the years-a classic-style DSLR with traditional external controls. But, for all the Nikon talks about returning to ‘ pure photography, ‘ There’s a lot of what’s under the retro Df skin that’s confident quite familiar. Df is built around a full-frame 16MP sensor from the company’s main D4 with processor and AF systems borrowed from the relatively affordable D610.

Nikon Df Firmware Update



Nikon DF Design and Features

The Df also takes time to familiarize themselves. Although I like the fact that Df is very light and concise when compared to the D4 and D800, it has some distractions that I hope are not there. First of all, if you only use a DSLR in the past, the camera strap connector is something you should adjust to the handling of your camera. On most DSLRs, ropes are never an issue, since the shutter-release button is far from it. On Df (and many older Nikon film cameras), the shutter release is on the upper plate of the camera, so when you put your index finger on it, the strap can block the other fingers holding the handle. The best way to keep Df is to put a rope between the index finger and the middle finger and when it does not interfere.

The Nikon Df’s optical viewfinder is the very large-the same size as the D800. The magnification is 0, 70x, and, of course, its coverage is 100%. We’ve also shown the movie-era F3 viewfinder here for reference. As you see, F3 offers a very large searcher, and even the viewfinder of a high eyepoint that tends to be liked by the users of the glasses is still larger than the Df. When a DX lens is attached to the Df, the viewfinder shows the DX image area.

Nikon DF Performance

The Nikon Df is a reasonably responsive camera that can start shooting in less than 0.2 seconds. This is within the reaction time range, so it’s hard to be more precise, and it’s just a live/die switch design that will tend to slow you down (it’s not as easy to stumble like a larger switch tab that a Nikon DSLR tends to have).

Df does not make full use of its sensor-connection shooting capabilities, which we know are capable of working up to 11 frames per second in D4. Instead, Df utilizes a slower shutter mechanism that not only limits 5.5 frames per second but also puts a shutter speed limit of 1/4000 seconds that slightly restricts the camera. Df is not intended as a pro-level sports camera, so a slower shooting speed will not be a problem for most target audiences – but the maximum shutter speed limit is possible.

The Nikon Df used the same 4800FX Multi-Cam Autofocus module We saw on the Nikon D600, and the criticism we made there even seemed more acute on the cameras that cost half more. Understandably, Nikon will not put the same focus system in the D600 and D610 $2,000 as on the D4-range-topping, but the Df cost as much as the D800, which does not include the 51-more sophisticated Multi-Cam 3500FX system.

Check the camera firmware version

Nikon D800 Firmware Update version

How to Updating the Camera Firmware

  1. Create a new folder on your computer.

  2. Download the Nikon D810A Firmware (F-DF-V103W.exe) to the folder created in Step 1.
  3. Extract the Firmware file (F-DF-V103W.exe) containing “DF__0103.bin” (camera firmware) to a folder called “DFUpdate“.
  4. Copy the file “DF__0103.bin” to the memory card that has been formatted in the camera.
  5. Insert the memory card into the main slot on the camera and turn on the camera.
  6. Select the Firmware version in “SETUP MENU” and follow the instructions displayed on the camera screen to complete the firmware update.
  7. Turn off your camera and remove the memory card after the firmware update process is complete.
  8. Confirm that the camera firmware has been updated to the new version

Nikon DF Firmware Update for Windows

Name Firmware Version Download
Distortion Control Data Ver.2.018
DF Firmware C” Ver “1.03
Instructions for the firmware update

Nikon DF Firmware Update for Mac Os

Name Firmware Version Download
Distortion Control Data Ver.2.018
DF Firmware C” Ver “1.03
Instructions for the firmware update

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